kurobara_natsu (kurobara_natsu) wrote,

I'm officially .. mad

yesterday I bokked a flight over to japan in august ^.^
I know I'm completely insane

my plans so far:

8/12 arrival in Osaka => most likely travel on to Fukuoka/Hakata
8/13(金)V @博多Be-1

8/14 travelling to tokyo and maybe ArtCube]

8/15 Tokyo = the Velvet instore

8/19(木)V @BIG CAT

8/20 Tokyo (Art Cube oneman)

8/22(日)V @仙台ダーウィン

8/27(金)V @札幌CUBE GARDEN

9/01 flight back home

the days 8/16-8/18 are still undecided

as well as

8/23 - 8/26

8/28 - 8/30

I think I'll spend some time over at Lisa's place on some of the days
but I'd also love to spend some time in Tokyo (preferedly before going to sendai / between sendai+ sapporo)

so if any of you tokyo residents would be interested in spending some time with me (shopping, dinner) , I'd be delighted
I also would love to go to Disneyland again... but t's no fun at all going there alone... anyone itnerested ?
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