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Haloween & perfume

Last weekend I went to a birthday party.... and we were asked to come in costume... as it was intended as a combination of halloween + birthday party.
I thought it was a good excuse to wear my yukata and my new diamante fur cape again ^.^
and in the spirit of halloween, I decided to wrap the yukata the wrong way... the dead people way.
(I actually was inspired because I accidently (honestly !!!! ^^;;) dressed karasu the dead-people way during the V-summer tour ^^;;; (sorry again) )

But as expected nobody realized the "oh I dressed up as a ghost"-part of my outfit.

and sorry for me looking slightly ...dead... *haha*
we took that photo after the party... at 4am ^^; ...
"Zombie パワ~~ ☆ "
I guess ^^;

while I was in Hamburg for that party, I took the oportunity and visited the two shops that are supposed to sell Keiko Mecherie perfumes.
only to find the same situation I already encountered in Bremen.... they had EVERY perfume except the one I was looking for >.<
one shop even checked another branch ,... but it was same answer again: "not in stock, we could order it"
... seems like it is cursed somehow...
the shop in Bremen wasn't able to order it... or, I should better say: they are TRYING to order it... but obviously they haven't succeeded so far. For more than 2 month now
Guess I will have to resort to ordering it online, but I slowly start to suspect that the information I got at Isetan could be correct. They said it's not beeing produced anymore.

ok, ordering it online now.

and while I am talking about shopping:
I guess I suceeded in winning an auction for some very warm and fluffy diamante earmuffs

now I "only" need those in black as well (to go with the fur cape)
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