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Haloween & perfume

Last weekend I went to a birthday party.... and we were asked to come in costume... as it was intended as a combination of halloween + birthday party.
I thought it was a good excuse to wear my yukata and my new diamante fur cape again ^.^
and in the spirit of halloween, I decided to wrap the yukata the wrong way... the dead people way.
(I actually was inspired because I accidently (honestly !!!! ^^;;) dressed karasu the dead-people way during the V-summer tour ^^;;; (sorry again) )

But as expected nobody realized the "oh I dressed up as a ghost"-part of my outfit.

and sorry for me looking slightly ...dead... *haha*
we took that photo after the party... at 4am ^^; ...
"Zombie パワ~~ ☆ "
I guess ^^;

while I was in Hamburg for that party, I took the oportunity and visited the two shops that are supposed to sell Keiko Mecherie perfumes.
only to find the same situation I already encountered in Bremen.... they had EVERY perfume except the one I was looking for >.<
one shop even checked another branch ,... but it was same answer again: "not in stock, we could order it"
... seems like it is cursed somehow...
the shop in Bremen wasn't able to order it... or, I should better say: they are TRYING to order it... but obviously they haven't succeeded so far. For more than 2 month now
Guess I will have to resort to ordering it online, but I slowly start to suspect that the information I got at Isetan could be correct. They said it's not beeing produced anymore.

ok, ordering it online now.

and while I am talking about shopping:
I guess I suceeded in winning an auction for some very warm and fluffy diamante earmuffs

now I "only" need those in black as well (to go with the fur cape)
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You look great in that outfit! I love how you styled your hair and put a headpiece in it. The pattern on yukata is amazing and arm warmers (?) are really cute. :)

Lol at the dressing accident. Did you figure out it was put the wrong way before you two went out or after?

You seem to have really bad luck with that perfume! :/ What does it smell like?
I think I figured it out while we were on the train ... so it was too late to change things ^^;
but even our japanese friends only realized it after I pointed it out *sigh*
I guess I am just too used how to dress myself, that I forget about doing it mirror-style for others

the arm warmers are inspired by those: http://www.jesusdiamante.com/line_up/assets_c/2010/10/d72c3df7-thumb-337x600-1522.jpg
a yukata is designed for summer after all, so I needed something to keep warm considering the weather lately.

perfume: it's hard to describe.
it's called "ume" (like the japanese plum) ... but it smells differently
real ume blossoms have a very sweet and extremely delicious fragrance.
The perfume is a mix of that scent with other herbs and perfumes.
it smells quite differently but really nice
[and still I'm looking for something that smells like the real flowers)
You've made them yourself? Cool! :)

That perfume sounds nice! Although I have no idea what real ume smells like...
ja das ist auch ne idee einen yukata als kostüm zu tragen. ich hab mir ja auch einen gekauft und überleg shcon die ganze zeit wo man den anziehen könnte
ausser im Sommer zu konzerten ... ist mir auch noch nix eingefallen.
Auf die Idee kam ich eigentlich auch nur, weil besagte Freundin, die feierte meinte: "Komm doch in deinen normalen Klamotten... das ist doch fuer die meisten schon so aufgestyled wie ein Kostuem."
(muss dazu sagen, dass sie aber auch eher zu der Fraktion gehoert, man sieht sie haeufiger mal im Korsett etc. ^.~)
Hey seems I missed your entry when u posted it oO;

Well I'm a bit disappointed about the "no lab coat + montblanc hairdo" but somehow I doubt that anyone would have viewed it as a costume so the yukata might have been indeed a wiser choice ^^
(and even more accurate if worn in the wrong way !!)
This one looks nice :)
I tried looking for one this week end during the conv but they were only selling awfull silky ones =__=; (chinese store??)

And yeah ...Zombie パワ~ forever °p°
(The room we booked in Paris had a coffee machine in the room itself... so I kept making + drinking coffee all the time during 3 days yet I had awfull rings under my eyes ^^; )


February 26 2011, 00:08:48 UTC 5 years ago

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March 4 2011, 13:43:46 UTC 5 years ago

Ich habe gemeint, über so etwas auf meiner Webseite Post und ihr habt mir eine Idee. Cheers.


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