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...and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped.

omg I just realized I didn't post anything here in ages ^^;;;
I guess twitter is just too easy + quick to use that I totally "forgot" about LJ.

While I still have to wait untill my copies of Holy Grail will arrive... I of course couldn't refrain myself from listening to it already.

♪ Masquerade: no matter how often I listen to that song.... I still only hear a weird version of "I Am the Doctor"

at least at the beginning of that song. Just like "Sound in Gate in a way. That already had me thinking about Dalek battle music (and I still haven't found the exact song it sound so similar to ... but everytime I hear "sound in gate" I see a certain scene .... a scene where dalek and cybermen battlefleets are aproaching....
maybe it's just me... or a certain vocalist is a secret Doctor Who (or Murray Gold - the composer of the soundtracks) fan. *lol*

♪ Philia: not really a "new" song... so I won't bother saying anything now.

♪ Thanatos: O.o Is that really the same song they played live and called "thanatos" ? It sounds so ....different O.o
But I thinki I like the CD Version much better than the live version. Live it just was... weird and messy.

♪ Flowery: such a typical Teru-song! A fun, happy go lucky melody.
But, again as with Reminescence, everytime I hear it, it sounds like some kind of practice piece (to practice fingerwork + speed) that he turned into a song.

♪ Remember Forever: maybe it's just me... but... anyone else thinking about hearing an X-Japan Song while listening to Remeber Forever ? Nice... but nothing special.

♪ Destiny: again. not really a new song.... so no comment
except: what's with that instrumental bit at the beginning? It's nice and all... and I would have liked it as a song/interlude on it's own... but I totally don't get why is it the "new" beginning of Destiny ?

♪ DRY ICE SCREAM: Nice Intro... reminds me a bit of "glowing butterfly" but upon first listen the whole song sounds messy.... (just the same impression I had with glowing butterfly)
I guess I really need to listen to that a couple of times more to may~be start appreciating it... for now it's just "that messy weird song".
at the same time I can totally imagine that song live.... one of the high-energy fun songs .... this kind of song during wich it might get "dangerous" in the audience -_-;

♪ Threshold: o~k... I guess. probably just need to listen to it some more as well.

♪ Judicial Noir: not really a new song, so no comment except: great song ! great to listen to at home, even better live.

♪ Love will be born again: ..... I'm still torn between:
- "OMG !!! REALLY ?????!!!! "
- hysterical laughter
WHY ????? Why ... Engrish ?
...well I just GUESS it's supposed to be english ? ? Not understanding a single word ;_; (o~k I do understand some parts... but other parts are just a complete desaster)

I really really like the song itself... if only there were an instrumental (or japanese) version!!
Just imagining that song live.... the desaster it might/most likely turn into .... omfg rofl!!

♪ Vampire: another typical Kamijo Song. => YESSSSSSSSssssssssssssssss!

♪ Faith & Decision: just " Versailles" totally a Hizaki-song. It has everything every elemnt of what makes Versailles Versailles

♪ The Theme of Holy Grail: the perfect ending for the CD. Kamijo's instrumentals are the best.

..but... no Glowing Butterfly ? and no Libido ? *lol*
too bad
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