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Good weather charm

somehow by now I really start to think that I have some kind of special good-weather powers!
Even though V are famous for rain... I NEVER (ok...once~ish) had rain on a V concert day (if there was rain, it always stopped around noon and stopped until after the live)
If there is rain it usually only happens during travel days.
But even though I constantly joked about it during V Spring tour (europe) I didn't really believe it.

But my special powers seemed to have worked again this weekend!!
Weatherforecast (multiple sources) for yesterday and today said RAIN; with chances of rain
And indeed, when I got up yesterday morning and opened the window... it was raining.
As soon as I was out of the shower it had stopped completely and the sun started to show.
It even was incredibly hot and sunny today.

so yeah !
Call me goddess of good weather
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You should come to Japan to a MdM live as a charm. Mana is called Rain Man by old MM fans because it almost always rains on his lives. lol
I'd very much like to do that!

Versailles are also famous for rain and at least for their lives it works pretty well
so MdM lives would really put my good-weather-powers to a test ^.^

anyway I bet, since I now bragged about never having rain for V lives... that in the future my powers won't work any longer