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Parents + computers/internet - supervision = TROUBLE

I'm back online finally.

My dad typed "google" into google and thus broke the internet !!!


no not really.. but even though I tried my best to fool-proof my parents computer as much as possible, but even that wasn't enough to prevent my dad from clicking links in some phisshing mail -_-
stupid stupid thing to do.. you just do NOT click on links in mails from unknown persons...

even though that's the one thing I keep repeating and he knows (in theory apparently) he did it nonetheless *sigh*

and even though I didn't know for sure what he clicked on ( I really didn't care about looking closer - and compromising everything even further) I had to assume that the entire network was being compromised.
apperently spamguard, virusscan and malware-guards I had installed prevented the worst but in the end I prefered to play things safe... meaning I spend the entire f**** last week + weekend
wiping everything, setting up the os, reinstalling shit, running several malware scans etc etc.
But yeah... now I'm finally online again...

oh ... and of course my dad NEVER backups his files (I set it all up to be a 5min job... 3 clicks... but still.. he just never does it)
so maybe he learned his lesson, since I told him:
"oh and of course I had to delete everything... but no problem right ? you are doing backup regulary"
[of course *I* do the backup... but maybe shocking him like that will make him learn: never click on wierd stuff ^.~}

so not looking forward on catching up on things again -_-

*dramatic sigh again*

ok, am off now to read mails, twitter and do stuff I should have done agaes agp (<- like learning to spell apparently *lol*)

... yeah... fun ...
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