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Versailles - Madrid 2011-10-06

We went to the livehouse around noon as we thought it would be nice to figure out how to get there before getting lost in the end. The spanish streetteam already was there since early in the morning handing out numbers for queing later. We stoped there, got our fairly good numbers and had a nice long chat with the streetteam members who were absolutely lovely.
We then returned to the foodhall to eat sometrhing small and later returned to the hotel to gewt ready for the live and left shortly before 7.
Arriving near the livehouse we stopped at some supermarket where we ran into some of the staff guys and then went over to thevenue to queue.
Queing with the numbersystem worked amazingly well. We even hadxsome time to chat with some of the spanish fans around.
The spanish st really did an amazing job there.
It was really nice that the stopped by us a lot andasked if everytrhing was ok or ifwe needed assistance since we don't speak@a singlew word of spanish ^^;

Once in the venue we dropped of our bags - since livehouse staff apparently didn't allow anything to be brought inside. Then we went to secure a spot in the audiencxe and had a chat with Brice + Paul.

Thanks to the numbered ticket system and the fact we went to check where the livehouse is located quite early, we had decent ticketnumbers and ended up somewhere in the middle of the audience... and apparently managed to just hit the magic-get-all-of-K's-attention spot.

The audience around us also was quite pleasant... apart from those 2 tall quys who stood right in front of us at first, but then slightly moved to the right, while we managed to move a little to the left.

The show went on without any special things to mention.
The audience had great energy and so had the band.

For the encore we tried to start the "We are Versailles" Chant... wich at first sort of worked out fine.... but really
european fans dont have any kind of endurance: 1min of "We are Versailles" ... Band's not back yet .. ok let's try something else.
SO in the end we had several rounds of "We are Versailles" and "Encore" chants.... and the audience ended up with "Ole~ ole ole ole~" just like you can hear it during soccer matches usually ^^;;;;
When the Band came back on stage, Kamijo grabbed the mic and started to sing: Ole~ ole ole ole~" as well.
We nearly died laughing....but it was cute.
The live being finished everyone had to leave the venue and start queueing again outside.
Even though people were told to queue according to their numbers before, alot of them lost/forgot/threw away those... and the queue was messed up a bit.
But the Meet&Greet went smoothly nonetheless.

This time it was Hizaki, Teru, Kamijo, Masashi, Yuki.
The staff was pretty strict about the M&G and didn't let us go in together.. but we had to go in one by one. Hizaki and Teru were pretty quick, and this time Kamijo held up the line with talking to me, so I just had time to say a quick "Otsukaresama" to Masashi and Yuki

Getting back outside again, we talked a bit more to some of the spanish fans we met during the live, went to a nearby restaurant, grabbed some food and water and went back to wait for demachi.
Eventually staff came outside, we had a bit of a chat with some of the staff guys and paul again... and then Paul told the remaining fans: ok guys, band is hungry + wants to go to eat something => right over there (pointing to the restaurant). So I want to see you all walk away into the horizon now.
So we had to leave without proper demachi this time.
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