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Niigata 2010-03-21

I think I need to type it now, while the impression is still fresh.
I am in no state though to write any kind of coherent report right now though, so please bear with it for now.

I think I'm just going to write in whatever order it comes to me.

During the live at JCB hall 2 days ago, Kamijos voice sounded completely off, and I had the impression that he might had cough a slight cold.
but because no one else said anything I thought it was just my own (wrong) impression.
But oh how right I was -_-
todays live was absolutely horrible.
even during the first 1-2 songs he didn't seem like his usual self today and his voice startet to crack up a little.
I'm still amazed though how well he managed to keep his voice, but there were (a lot) moments he actually had to stop singing, because he was coughing so hard.
And everytime he thought no one was watching he would cover his mouth with his arm and cough, go to the back part of the stage, drink something and cough a little..
He really looked like he was seriously in pain.

the amazing thing really is, that his voice was totally ok today... no cracking, no sore thoat... "just" the caughing and pained expression.

after the first 3 or 4 songs he went backstage briefly and when he came back a few seconds later, he got rid of his coat. He really looked like he was burning up.[during the rest of the tour he only did that for the encore]

It really made me look at Hizaki a lot (he stared at me today a lot as well O.o) ... in hope he would make Kamijo stop. (but of course he didn't ^^;)

todays live even startet late tonight.
The tickets said: doors would open at 18:30
and it would start at 19. Doors opend at 19 and they started at 19:30.

Kamijo also said, that he came from Sapporo today.
He went there for some kind of radio programme, flew back to tokyo and came to niigata by shinkansen (from what he told, he disguised himself with mask + glasses so that familiar faces wouldn't recognize him... and he stared at me while he said that ... did he see me on the train ????

now we know why they were late: kamijo.

during the live, everyone was crazy about yuki.
He got a lot of YUUUUKKKKIIII calls and Kamjo even made the others stand left + right from a small rug, that was on stage to cover some cables (it was red, so he called it the "red carpet") and had yuki walk the red carped to the front of the stage
and they even called Yuki Aniki tonight ^.^
(the even started calling Kamijo Aniki before he even asked for it... he was very pleased ^.~)
But our "Hi~ darling" shouts were... eh... it was a bit embarrasing... only a handfull of people did it, Rei + me and I think I saw yasuko + keiko do it ^^;;;;
we earned a lot of pleased staring in our directions with that ^^;;;
could you please stop staring and just go and get your body the rest it needs ??
The Livehouse in Niigata is tiny, so we also had a lot of pushing today-_-
I initially intended to do at least a little headbanging today, to make up for the last times, but a) it was nearly impossible
b) my neck still hurts (after carrying the luggage today)
c) I really didn't want to encourage him to to more headbaning himself... he already did more than usual (and way more than was good for him in that state ) O.o

at the end he leaned into the audience and let himself fall (don't really now, if he did it on purpose though of if he was just to weak.
we had to hold him up, and I had my hand on his neck and back... and he really was burning up -_-

then yuki came up as well, pretended he would let himself fall as well... but then jumped forward back on stage ^.^
he he

during the last MC, the part when they all hold their hands and "we are Versailles - jump" part he was breathing so heavily that it took him quite some time before he even could speak.

Needless to say, that I only stared at Kamjo tonight, because I was soo worried.
And it really made me sick, seeing all the other people around me who obviously didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and tried to make him give even more than he already did.
(most of them even said: great live tonight, so happy to have seen them so "genki" etc. Really!! Don't people have eyes ??

I'm usually the one who cannot read any kind of bodylanguage - but Kamijos whole posture, behaviour etc just CRIED: "I'm sick, but too stubborn to give up and get the rest my body would need"

In a way I really am glad that we only had a short encore tonight:

1st encore: one song (don't even remember)
2nd encore: sympathia (he made us sing a lot of it) + Revenant

he even made us sing parts of songs during the live (because he couldn't stop coughing) that he usually never does.

Ireally am glad now, that I am NOT going to Kanazawa tomorrow.
Anyone who goes: please please don't urge him to give more... just support him, don't make him to go more crazy during the live than he really has to ;_;

It was really the worst live I've ever seen: not performance wise, but it was just a horrible feeling, to stand there, watch him while he obviously was in pain, and do the furi to "encourage" them to give their best/more.
The only thing I could think about during the whole show was: "please just stop! - someone MAKE him stop"

even crying "we are Versailles" for the encore felt soo wrong tonight.
(and I've never seen them return to stage that quickly before - both times)

how I now wish at least someone would be here with me at the hotel -_-
and sorry again if this seems all is just random babble...
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