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Versailles - Destiny ~the Lovers~

o~k since we are now talking about nothing else on twitter right now, I might as well post this:

basically that's what my first impression of the new single was.
I typed it on my cellphone during my first & second listen of the songs---- so just ignore all the typos ^^;;

here we go:

Glowing butterfly
intro is awesome... then it get' a bit bla... and finally turns into a complete mess.
whats wrong with that weird effect for the vocals ?

totally sounds like they used scrap pieces of melody, threw those in a blender and used whatever came out of it as the song. seriously.
great intro... turns into mess.... very messy overall impression.

I adore the baseline, and the basic melody... but >.<
at least I expect it to be a fun song live.
and as much as I love Kamijo's he sounds a bit off in some parts...

nice song. sounds very Versailles.
and exactly that might be the "problem" with this song. it's nice and i like it... but it gets a bit "boring" because it's exactly what we heard before... quite a few times actually. .. but I guess we K fans can't help to like it ^^;
oh and he really likes "ooooh destiinyyyyyyyy"
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