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Is twitter acting crazy for anybody else as well ?
For several days now, I can't connect .... all I get is either a "timeout" whenever I want to go to twitter mainpage. Or if I actually manage to get there, it just loads and loads and loads... and then .... nothing -_-
it all started a couple days prior to that, that twitter wouldn't display any uploaded pictures. and then it started juts not doing anything at all >.<
I tried accessing the page with firefox, ie and tweetdeck, as well as from my phone and at work .... => same result everywhere.

now I'm wondering: is twitter acting up for everyone ... or is it a problem with my internet provider since a couple of other internet pages show the very same behaviour ? (got the same provider for cellphone + regular phone/internet  .... and we've got the same provider at work as well)

didn't really have  any time to actually try and look into that any further.
but at least that way I had about 5min to look into why my cellphone is eating up battery like crazy (since Orleans >.<)
and figured out: it only does that if connected to cellphone internet (weirdly enough it doesn't do that when it's connected to wifi)
and it seems like the email-client is the culprit.
=> now I just need time to actually FIX that.
until then => close to no email as well

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